22 Jump Street trailer


So after everyone one went crazy after 21 Jump Street, it was inevitable that the all mighty Hollywood would release a sequel and we finally have a trailer for that sequel: 22 Jump street.

While the premise of the first movie was quite interesting and pretty cool, I have to say that I’m not going to go into this movie with high expectations as we have already seen this same plot play out in the first movie, albeit in a different setting. I will say that I think it will live up to its reputation as a great comedy. Jonah Hill just has this sense to him that makes him a lovable character that can bring in the jokes one after the other.

As for the rest of the cast (those who are featured in the trailer) I think it has potential. I’ll definitely be watching. The story may be the same but at the end of that day, you do not watch these movies for the plot, you watch it for the pure hour and a half of comedy that you get out of it.


The Hobbit – The Bigger Picture


When people say that it is not right that the book (The Hobbit) has been extended to three movies, I feel that they just do not understand what Peter Jackson and co. are doing. He is not merely interpreting from book to screen he is taking source material from other places and combining it to create a more rounded narrative with as much middle earth lore as he can possibly manage. As a huge Tolkien fanatic this is a real treat. The whole opening sequence of DoS is taken straight out of Unfinished Tales, not The Hobbit, which is great as it adds more to an already amazing narrative.

While I understand that to the average movie goer, this seems insignificant, I feel that it is important for them to understand where Peter Jackson is coming from. To them (average movie goer), a movie should have the basic structure of a beginning, middle and end with the occasional sub plot thrown into the mix but when dealing with The Hobbit, in fact any middle earth tale, it is just not that simple. Tolkien created a very deep and complex world. One that requires many interwoven plot lines and extended explanations. It is not possible to just have a simple movie explaining the adventures of Bilbo and the dwarves to the lonely mountains. It is about including all the lore of middle earth that can possibly be included as this may be our final trip to middle earth on the silver screen and we want every bit of it that we can get.

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug


All it takes is a simple meeting in a dodgy bar in Bree to start the most incredible adventure in the history of mankind. “The Desolation of Smaug” delivers an epic like no other with great action sequences, some truly awe inspiring visuals, some great cgi, Howard Shore’s hypnotizing soundtrack (featuring Ed Sheeran) and of course brilliant acting with a great voice over from Benedict Cumberbatch as Smaug himself.

Going in to watch DoS, I was already super amped. I had been waiting a whole year for this movie to come out and here it was, finally I would get to return to one of the most magical places in virtual existence. Having read the relatively short book, I was going in knowing what was going to happen but boy was I still blown away.

For starters, the HFR 3D was still a treat to the eye. I had seen An unexpected journey in HFR 3D and did not expect this to be any different but a year away from the higher frame rate definitely made me forget the super sharp clarity and amazing sense of hyper reality that I had so dearly loved the first time around. I would still recommend everyone to at least give HFR 3D a chance, it is well worth the experience.

Then we had the additions Jackson made. I must say, being a hardcore middle earth fanatic, I was certainly delighted to see that some of my favorite sequences from other Tolkien books found their way to DoS. I wasn’t sure about the addition of Tauriel as she is a Jackson creation and not Tolken’s but I must say that I have grown to like her but I still have my reservations. Her little “love affair” with Kili really irritated me. Legolas was amazing as usual.

Lastly, the actual story from The Hobbit itself still amazes me even after all this time. Just being able to see all of my favorite characters on the silver screen is good enough but Jackson and co. have taken that simple story and ramped it up to an unimaginable scale. It is mind blowingly epic, to say the least.

Peter Jackson and co. have really done a fantastic job but now the wait is back on, 365 more days and counting…